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A Beautiful Day for Clue #2

A Beautiful Day for Clue #2
Charlotte Hawkes Feb 8, 2023

It seems like my Crazy Spinning Scrap quilt is going right along with this crazy spinning winter. Last week we had crazy below zero weather with some snow. This week we have sunshine and almost 50 degrees. And it’s February which is supposed to be the coldest part of the winter here in upstate New York.  Who can keep up? I certainly did not like the below zero temps with -26 degree wind chill but I surely will take today with it’s sunshine and balmy breezes!  I only hope my flower bulbs stay asleep in my garden. It’s way too early for them to be popping their heads up.  Who knows? Next week maybe we’ll have another snow storm!

OK, enough about this crazy spinning winter and I don’t want to get started on my crazy spinning life so let’s do some Crazy Spinning Scrap stuff! Here we go with clue #2.

Crazy Spinning Scraps – 2023 Mystery

Clue #2

  1. Cut 8 – 4 3/4″ (6″) background squares and 8 different colored 4 3/4″ (6″) squares on one diagonal to make 16 HST of each. Sew one background HST to one colored HST together to make a 4 1/2″ (5 1/2″) square.  Press to the dark and trim to size. Sew all 16.
  2. Sew 4 squares together as shown to make a large pinwheel block. Press and trim to 8″ (10 1/2″) square. Make 4.
  3. Cut 2 3/4″ (3 1/2″) background and 2 3/4″ (3 1/2″) assorted colored squares on one diagonal. Sew one background and one colored HST together. Press and trim to 2 3/8″ (3″) squares. Make 72.
  4. Choose 4 squares to make a pinwheel as shown. Press and trim to 4 1/4″ (5 1/2″) Make 12.
  5. Sew 2 – 2 3/8″ (3″) background squares together. Make 2 and sew to each side of the above square.
  6. Sew 3 – 2 3/8″ (3″) background squares and one HST square as shown.
  7. Sew as shown. Press and trim to 8″ (10 1/2″) Make 12. 


    I guess that will do it for this month. The next clue will be published on March 8th.

    Until then….Happy Quilting!


    I ask that you send people here to the website for information.  If you have not joined in the fun on Facebook, check me out at MakingScrappyQuiltsWithCharlotte. I love seeing all your hard work and getting to chat with you a bit.

    Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues. 


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