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I Guess It’s Time

I Guess It’s Time
Charlotte Hawkes Jan 4, 2023

Yes, I guess it’s time.  Time to get back to normal. I loved the old normal but it’s gone.  Now I have to make a new normal.  It’s time to get moving again but where to go and what to do?  Time for new direction and just moving on with life I guess.  If that’s sound strange from me it’s because it is.  Life has been a challenge for me this past six months or so.  Life has turned upside down/inside out.  I know some of you can relate and some can’t.  I lost my mother in June and my dear husband in August.  I never could relate much to depression or grief before now.  I see how it’s hard to get going sometimes with the rollercoaster of somedays doing ok and other days in the pits.  I expect it will even out one of these days but until then I have to work on my new normal life!  But move on I must so here I am and it’s time!  FOR A NEW MYSTERY!!!

You’ve been patient and I appreciate your enthusiasm.  Crazy Spinning Scraps sort of summarizes my life right now.  Warning! This is not your normal scrap pattern. Actually I don’t recall seeing anything like it.  It surely is a scrap buster especially if you use scraps for the background.  I used a lot of white-ish stuff that has been sitting around for who knows how long.  I really hope someone will make it with black background.  It would be awesome especially with bright bold colors!   In the past, I have had different sizes available and usually the small size had less piecing with larger sizes making more blocks or borders.  This time both sizes have the same amount of piecing/work.  The only difference is the size of the cut squares.  There are two sizes that use two different sets of squares.  You may use the 2″ size with a 7 1/2″ finished block that ends up with a quilt about 68″ square or use the 2 1/2″ for a 10″ finished block and a 90″ square quilt.  It all depends on what size scraps you have that you want to (get rid of) use.  LOL!  If you use my scrap saving/organizing method you may not need to cut anything.  I have finished making the 2″ size and I did not have to cut anything more than a boatload of 2″ background squares.  I did run out of cut background squares but I had a pile of odds and end white-ish scraps that needed to be cut and GONE…Yay!!!  So here is the recipe……..


Quilt Size 68” x 68”

7 ½” Finished Block Size

Approximately 4 yds. of background fabric

301 – 2” assorted colored

544 – 2” background

120 – 2 3/8” background

24 – 2 ½” background

56 – 2 ½” assorted colored

36 – 2 ¾” background

36 – 2 ¾” assorted colored

24 – 2 7/8” background

48 – 2 7/8” assorted colored

12 – 3 ¼” background

12 – 3 ¼” assorted colored

8 – 4 ¼” background

16 – 4 ¾” background

16 – 4 ¾” assorted colored

12 – 5” background

28 – 3 ½” x 8” background


Quilt Size 90” x 90”

10” Finished Block Size

Approximately 6 1/2 yds. of background fabric

301 – 2 ½” assorted colored

544 – 2 ½” background

24 – 3” assorted colored

192 – 3” background

48 – 3 3/8” assorted colored

24 – 3 3/8” background

36 – 3 ½” assorted colored

36 – 3 ½” background

12 – 3 ¾” assorted colored

12 – 3 ¾” background

8 – 5 ½” background

16 – 6” assorted colored

16 – 6” background

12 – 6 1/4” background

28 – 4 ½” x 10 ½” background

We’ll see who reads this all the way to the end………  Obviously or not, each size is a square except for the rectangles.  I just was lazy and decided not to type “square” after each one. I’m going to say the amounts may be approximate…….no I didn’t count each block to make sure there were 301 or 544 squares!  Hopefully there are no type-os.  I try my best. I don’t expect that you cut all of your pieces beforehand and I don’t recommend that you do but you need to know what kind of scraps you will be needing. AND, the first clue….How about planning on next week.  I’ll try for Wednesday, Jan 11.  OK! Brave, Confident Quilters! Stay tuned! And Happy Quilting!


I ask that you send people here to the website for information.  If you have not joined in the fun on Facebook, check me out at MakingScrappyQuiltsWithCharlotte. I love seeing all your hard work and getting to chat with you a bit.

Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues. 


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