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If You’ve Got Scraps Galore Then Try This One!

If You’ve Got Scraps Galore Then Try This One!
Charlotte Hawkes Dec 10, 2023

It’s that time again!  WaaHoo!!! I seem to be a little late this year. I had good intentions but life has been taking up too much time these days.  I’m looking forward to some peaceful (pieceful) days. Maybe good old mother nature can rustle up a good old snow storm! But then again you have to be careful what you wish for in these parts!

It took me a while to come up with this mystery.  I always like to figure out something different, not your average run of the mill scrappy quilt and I think this one might do it.  Again, there will be two sizes – about 58″ square or 82″ square. It all depends on what you want to do and what size pieces you like to work with.  So if you make the smaller size, “No Whining”, as Bonnie says. But not to worry, nothing smaller that an 1 1/2″ square and not even cut on both diagonals……….LOL! Imagine that! Nope, not even in my imagination! Not going there!! I don’t do crumbs. Oye! I’ve tested out all of the blocks but I haven’t had time to put them all together yet so this mystery is still a mystery to me too. Hopefully, before the first clue, I’ll be able to do that and, hopefully, it will all work together. I guess we will have to see.

It is important that the background fabric is something that will separate the scrappy colored pieces from the rest. If not, the focus of the pattern will be confused and lost. So you may use a scrappy background if it will give a sharp contrast to your colors. I used an off-white muslin mainly because I have oodles of it.  Next you will need two border fabrics. Again, for the best contrast, they should be ones that like each other and are closer to a solid. I used a solid black and a burgundy muted fabric ( kind of like a white on white but burgundy on burgundy). These border fabrics also need to stand out and not blend in. I did not use any other blacks or similar burgundy in any of the scrappy blocks because I did not want to draw the eye away from the design.  With all the scrappy galore colors, your eye will need to rest on something and not be confused in the wrong direction. Cudos, to all of you who actually read this. It will make a difference in the end product. OK, here’s your “recipe” for the 2024 Mystery. Small and (Large):


Scraps Galore – 2024 Mystery


Background – 1yd.   (1 1/2) yd.

Dark border #1 – 1 1/2yd.   (2)yd.

Contrasting dark border #2  –  1 1/4yd.  (1 1/2) yd.


Assorted Colored Squares:

64 – 1 1/2″ (2″)

12 – 2 1/2″ (3 1/2″)

16 – 3″ (4″)

8   –  3 1/4″  (4 1/4″)

18 – 5″ (7″)

44 – 5 1/4″ (7 1/4″)


Background Squares:

26 – 3″  (4″)

20 –  3 1/4″ (4 1/4″)

4  –  5″   (7″)

18 – 5 1/4″ (7 1/4″)


Border #1 Squares:

8  –  5 1/4″  (7 1/4″)

12 – 5″ (7″)

4  –  2 1/2″  –  Remaining fabric will be cut 3″ wof (width of fabric) for outside border


Border #2 Squares

16 – 3″ (4″)

12 – 5″ (7″)

4  –  3″  –  Remaining fabric will be cut 2 1/2″ wof for outside border


So if you are playing along, get your fabrics and scraps together. The number of squares are approximate and determined by me counting them from a print out!  Oye! I check Facebook almost every day so let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year and Holiday season and I will see you all back here for the first clue on January 10.



I ask that you send people here to the website for information.  If you have not joined in the fun on Facebook, check me out at MakingScrappyQuiltsWithCharlotte. I love seeing all your hard work and getting to chat with you a bit.

Please feel free to direct others to this website for the information and clues. 


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